Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Latest News and Exclusive Free Gift

Oh dear, this year is slipping by so quickly...we are half way through April and NSD is just around the corner in May!  I've been busy preparing new things this month and I can't wait to tell you about some of them.

I'd better start with the new mini  kit I released early this month:  "A Thousand Lives".  It is 30% off just for one more day.  This beautiful mini kit is perfect for those who love books and reading.  The little gift that comes today is made with this mini kit by Lisa who has two 10"x10" quick pages for you.  (see below)

Last week saw the release of The Studio's latest Co-ordination Collection, "Tide Pooling".
My collection is called "Tide's Out" and you will find it here.  Remember these packs are just $1.00 each (Bundle $7.00) until the end of the month.  This one is great for your beach or coastal holiday photos.  

Here's a look at the individual packs:


"Spring Garden" - A new mini kit releasing on Wednesday.  It will be on introductory pricing with 30% off until May 1st.

NEW CU - I have new CU packs too (see Saturday's store newsletter!) 

keep an eye on my FB Fan Page...


$2 Tuesday at The Studio

You'll find my $2 products for this Tuesday HERE.


I hope you'll join in this month!


I know it's been a long read...so much to tell...LOL, but thank you for reading through.

Until next time,
Happy Scrapping...

Thursday, March 29, 2018

New Freebie and March Tidy-up

Easter is just around the corner and with it comes April, so I just wanted to jump in and mention a few things before the end of the month - and to wish everyone a very HAPPY EASTER!

March has been a busy month.  Some great deals are coming to an end.  Don't miss these super bargains:

My GREEN SALE finishes on March 30. 
Included in this sale is my brand new mini kit:  Serenely Green.  I have a co-ordinating FREEBIE on my Facebook Page - a beautiful little Add-on! (see below)  I think you'll love it!  Don't miss it.


These are bundles of mini kits where you get huge savings!!  I have 3 for $3 bundles and 4 for $4 bundles.  That's just $1 per minikit in each bundle.  You can't miss these - available through the end of March.


My "Sweet Sensation" Collection is 70% OFF through the end of March - the Bundle is still your BEST BUY at a tiny $6.00 for the lot!

NEW MINI KIT - "A Thousand Lives" - coming early April

NEW START UP CHALLENGE - coming beginning of April

HAPPY EASTER!!  Take time to renew and refresh over the Easter break - may Easter Blessings be yours - HE IS RISEN!!

Until next time - happy scrapping!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

What's new in March?

Hello again, and here we are already half way through March!  How did that happen - seems much of this year is just a blur.  Never mind, I have some things of interest to share, so let's get on with it.

This month, I decided to have a couple of giveaways on my FB fan page.  WhoooHooo!

The first one is a set of two Quick Pages...PLUS, if you ENTER TO WIN, you could be choosing a minikit (yes, your choice) from my minikit collection!  Hurry though, the winner will be chosen and announced on my Facebook Fan Page on March 16.

Will you be the lucky winner? 

Stay tuned too, because coming up I have another FREE GIFT coming up on Facebook!!


Big savings to be had in two current promotions at theStudio!!


These are bundles of mini kits where you get huge savings!!  I have 3 for $3 bundles and 4 for $4 bundles.  That's just $1 per minikit in each bundle.  You can't miss these - available through the end of March.


My "Sweet Sensation" Collection is 70% OFF through the end of March - the Bundle is still your BEST BUY at a tiny $6.00 for the lot!


St Patrick's Day is just around the corner...watch for a new release and special savings on all things GREEN!

That's it for now...
Have a wonderful rest of the week!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

What better day than Valentine's Day to introduce you to my new product instore at the Studio!

My very newest release is "What I Love About You".  This is a very pretty more-than-a-mini that I did in collaboration with my bestie, Manu, of Manu Scraps.  Manu has worked with the same palette and also has a more-than-a-mini newly released.  For those who purchase both, paying current sellinig price or list price (no points allowed), we have a special bonus gift of six gorgeous journal cards.  "What I Love About You" is currently 30% off.  

Link to Manu's: https://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/digital-art/kits/what-i-love-about-you-by-manu-scraps/

To continue with the Love theme, I have another couple of mini-kits - "Love Always" and "Be My Valentine".  These are both 30% off at present as well.

Speaking of Love, what do you Love?  I love gardening, so as part of the Store Collection "Follow Your Heart", I made a collection based around gardening called "Love Of Gardening"With the warmer weather of Spring, it will soon be time to be outdoors in the garden!  
My collection has six separate packs as well as the kit and also the complete bundle.  The packs and the kit are 30% off right now but the bundle is the best buy, with over 50% off.  

Here's the Kit:

These are the separate packs:

And this is the complete BUNDLE:

 Here is the LINK to my store where you'll find all my products, both for Personal Use and Commercial Use. 

Thank you for taking the time to browse through my new goodies.  Have a wonderful Valentine's Day - I hope someone makes you feel ultra special!

Love and hugs!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Happy New Year!

Twenty-eighteen is off to a great start - and already January has been busy with new digital scrapbooking stuff ready to roll out.  In fact, the first Studio co-ordinated collection has just been released and it's gorgeous!

It's called "Winter's Freeze" - I called mine simply: "Winter Freeze" - LOL - but it's a celebration of all that white stuff, that people either love or hate:  SNOW and we must remember the ice crystals and icicles and frost and wind chill factor and all that makes Winter COLD!  And what do I know?  I don't even have Winter where I live, so it's all in my imagination.  I find that kind of funny.

Anyway, I'd like to show you my collection which is available HERE at The Studio.

So here is my BUNDLE - value $26.52 but just $8.00 through February 1.  This is your best buy!

The individual packs are available for $1.00 each through February 1.  After that they will be in store at the regular price.



Free Start Up Mini Kit + add a few extras + post in the gallery = Challenge complete (super easy!)


I have a new mini kit ready to release next week called "LOVE ALWAYS" - just in time for Valentine's Day!  Watch for it.

That's it for today - enjoy the rest of your weekend and if it's Winter where you are, stay warm, and if it's a sizzling hot Summer (like here) - stay cool!  LOL


Monday, December 18, 2017


We are just days away from Christmas and I still have so much to doooo!  At least I finished my cards today and now I just need to get them in the mail.  Hmmm...I wonder if Australia Post will deliver in time for Christmas?  

Aside from all the usual countdown to having everything done in time, I have been meaning to do another blog entry to kind of 'gather everything together'.  

I'll start with the Studio's Annual Christmas Carol Blog Hop (which you'll find below) - I apologise for the blocked download link - I have a new link now, so please try downloading again if you had trouble previously.  I love all the comments that people leave - it's so rewarding to know that your work is appreciated.  Thank you!

The Studio's Advent Calendar has a new piece each day through Christmas Eve.  Don't forget to check in each day to nab yours.  These have been created around the same palette, so you will be able to mix and match pieces from each minikit.  Enjoy!!

Next - NEW in store:

"Christmas Reflections" is a 'more-than-a-mini' that I did in conjunction with my wonderful friend, Manu, of Manu Scraps.  We both called our mini's "Christmas Reflections" and we used the same palette.  When you purchase both you'll be able to mix and match.  We also have a BONUS OFFER.
Special Limited Time Offer:
Purchase this kit AND Christmas Reflections by Manu Scraps to get these exclusive clusters FREE!
Simply email either Zesty Designs or Manu Scraps with your invoice and we'll send you the clusters* within 24 hours
*Note: This offer only applies if both items are purchased on current selling price or list price. NO points or coupons allowed to qualify for the free gift 

Here are our previews:

I have three new paper packs releasing today.  They will be 30% off for a limited time.

This collection will be 70% off until the end of the month - then it will disappear into the vault.
If you don't have this collection, now is the time to pick it up at the lowest possible price.

And lastly, just a reminder - The December Start-Up Challenge has another little freebie waiting for you!  

From my house to yours...Have a wonderful Christmas!